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Our company has been operating for almost 8 years providing companionship with a cause. Epicuean Enterprises has operated with the intent to provide each of it's customers the ability to create an authentic approach to their sexuality.

The Epicurean Experience is the pursuit of pleasure, especially in reference to food, comfort and other luxuries of the flesh. All the concepts in the Epicurean Lifestyle are based on the teachings of ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus. He strongly believed that living a life full of simplicity was the way to achieve all the pleasures and comfort.

Epicurean Enterprises is prepared to pioneer a model which is rich in profits. An overwhelming amount of data supports a significant shift within the seductive arts industry to support the emergence of a "Sexual Healing" space that's nonclinical in nature.

Kim Pinkham "Shamanista of Sexuality"

Miss Kim Pinkham has operated within the seductive arts industry for almost 2 decades. From her early beginnings on live stages all around the country, to being behind the camera in adult film work; she knew very early her greatest desire was to practice within the field of companionship. It led her to the formulation of her own company and brand today.

Full of endless stories and experiences, there is no topic off the table for Kim. She is unapologetic for her past and more excited about the endless opportunity her future has to offer. It is time to share this extremely creative and success life with the world in a very different way.

As Chief Experience Officer of Epicurean Enterprises Global, Kim's goal is to help people identify and overcome their blockages, and learn how to have more fun in the bedroom. Whether you're looking to learn how to orgasm, skyrocket your confidence, or rekindle the spark with your partner, Kim and the "Epicurean Experience"are here to help!

I have found men who didn't know how to kiss. I've always found time to teach them.

Mae West

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